Enlistment Record 1928

William Crismon is still a Sergeant and is recognized to be an expert horseman, expert in equestrian skills, expert rifleman, expert in use of the pistol, expert in mounted marksmanship and expert in mounted saber use.  Representing the Second Cavalry, Pop participated in the US National Rifle Matches in Des Moines, Iowa.  It was there on June 18, 1927 Sergeant William Crismon shot a perfect score at 1,000 yards using the Springfield 1903 bolt action 30-06 Rifle.  In later years the children remember the entire family going to the rifle range where Pop would practice his marksmanship.  Bessie assisted by handing Pop ammunition and spotting the hits on the target.  The children would paste paper scraps over the bullet holes in the targets.  The target paste was a lumpy mixture of flour and water.  Pop often jokingly referred to Bessie’s white table gravy as “target paste”.  It was also the children’s responsibility to gather up the spent brass shells and police the area.  Most activities like this included the entire family.  The children were rarely left home alone by these loving, caring parents.