William J. Crismon Funeral

William J. Crismon was known by more than one middle name.  The most popular name was "WW Jr.", nicknamed after his father, William Wayne Crismon.  The father William Wayne was also well known as, "WW Sr."  We do not know what the middle name of WW Jr. really was.  We use "James" but have no confirming evidence.  Perhaps some family member can help us here?  We believe that the photo below was taken at the funeral of WW Jr. in April, 1906.  These are the sons and daughter of William and Elizabeth.

On his eighteenth birthday, July 16, 1862, William Crismon enlisted in the Confederate Army joining Company K, Eighth Missouri Infantry Regiment.  A record shows that William was decorated for Bravery.  He was discharged in June, 1865.  Later that year he was elected to the office of Sheriff, Maries County, Missouri.

The William and Elizabeth Crismon family members and their names, (nickname, approximate age) are:  (upper row left) James Alonzo (Lon 48), Austin Milroy (Catt, 47), Mono Wayne (Wayne 35), Lewis Lindsay (Lou 33), Rufus Riley (Rufe, 33); (bottom row left Lee Arnold (Doc 28), William Talmadge (Little Bill 25) , Margaret Elizabeth (Bettie 21), Edmund Foster (Ed 18), Nancy Elizabeth (Morrow) (Granny 57).  A son, John, was born and died in 1873.  A daughter, Jane, was born in 1883 and died in 1885.

After the death of WW Jr., Elizabeth applied for a Civil War Widow pension that was approved in 1907 in the amount of $100 per month.  Elizabeth died in 1937 at the age of 88.  She and William are buried in Arkansas.