David Lindell Crismon

The first Family Reunion of William and Bessie Crismon family took place at Oak Creek Canyon, in Arizona in 1969.  This began a series of reunions that now spans more than 30 years.  Each gathering was organized and hosted by one of the six children.  In 1990 it was Mary and Bob Leatherwood's turn, all were invited to come to San Antonio.  The highlight of this reunion was a private boat ride on the San Antonio river and the reunion banquet held at Mary's church.  We wanted to assure that as many younger adults could come so a block of rooms were reserved at a local motel.  In order to keep the individual room cost low, a Holiday Inn was chosen.  Now most Holiday Inns are acceptable - this one was a real dump, but it was cheap! 

We had been in phone contact with a distant cousin none of us had met.  Interestingly, David L. Crismon of Branson, Missouri not only had the same name as our David L. Crismon, but both shared the same birthday, June 7.  Our family tree shared Cousin David's Great Great Grandfather, William Wayne Crismon, Sr.  We all looked forward to meeting cousin David and his lovely wife, Sharon who will come to the San Antonio reunion and meet the William and Bessie family for the first time.  Now comes the comical part of this story.  It just so happens that not a single one of the reserved rooms were taken except for the one by David and Sharon.  Can you just imagine what they may have been thinking, "Just look at this dump!  I wonder what kind of people we are going to meet tomorrow?"

Well, it all worked out fine.  Several years later David and Sharon hosted a very successful Crismon Family Reunion in Branson and more than one hundred Crismon folks attended.  We have remained in close contact ever since and thoroughly enjoy the company of David and Sharon.  Here is their family tree.  For simplicity this tree shows only the direct male descendants.


Jacob  Christman

Jacob Andrew Chrisman

Married Magdalena Hyte (1712 - 1771)

Settler of Shenandoah Valley, Farmer

Builder of the famous Christman Springs Home

Born in Germany, buried in Virginia

1701 - 1778 - [69 years]


Issac Frederick Chrisman

Married Jane Scott (unknown - 1825)

Frontiersman, Indian Fighter, Fort Builder

Massacred by Cherokee Indians July 4, 1776

Born and buried in Virginia

9/9/1736 - 7/4/1776 - [40 years]


Issac Campbell Chrisman

Married Wanna (unknown)

Frontiersman, Trapper, Farmer

Married a half Cherokee woman

Born in West Virginia, buried in Missouri

11/25/1767 - 11/3/1838 - [71 years]


William Wayne Chrisman

William Wayne Crismon,  Sr.

Married Margaret Peggy Wrattles (1808 - 1886)

Early Settler of Missouri in 1822

County Judge, State Commissioner, Farmer

Born in Tennessee, buried in Missouri

9/26/1804 - 12/17/1886 - [82 years]


Gilbert Crismon

Married Myra Elmina Eads (2/28/1845 - 2/11/1925)

Soldier in Confederate Army

Born and buried in Missouri.

1/14/1840 - 3/31/1917 - [77 years]


Benjamin Franklin Crismon

Married Alice Hutton (10/19/1863 - 1/31/1936)

Farmer, Businessman

Born and buried in Missouri

12/27/1866 - 3/31/1917 - [50 years]


Togo Mitchell Crismon

Married Martha Lavada Francis (11/1906 - 12/1974)

Farmer, Businessman

Born and buried in Missouri

5/27/1905 - 6/2/1951 - [46 years]


David Lindell Crismon

Married Sharon Kay Rogers (1/25/35 - )

Real Estate Investor, Businessman

Born and  living in Missouri

6/7/1932 -


David Lynn Crismon

Married to Sue Tucker Blevins (7/9/1961 - )


Born and living in Missouri

11/23/1961 -


David Logan Crismon

Elementary School Student

Born and  living in Missouri

7/15/1998 -