Earl Homer Crismon

Pop's brother, Herman Frisby Crismon met Sara Jane Canoy in St. Louis in 1917.   Sara then moved to Montana with her two brothers where they homesteaded land.  Herman and Sara communicated by letter.  In 1917 Herman rode his Harley Davidson motorcycle to Montana to marry Sara.  After their marriage Herman purchased another motorcycle for Sara, the two of them honeymooned back to St. Louis.  Herman said there were very few actual roads out west then, mostly just dirt wagon trails.  Motorcycles were not too reliable and Uncle Herman said one had to be a proficient mechanic to keep them running out in the middle of no where.  Sara was a remarkable lady, having lived 102 years. 

Pop Crismon met Sara shortly after her marriage to his brother.  Earl Homer Crismon was born in Granite City, Illinois on May 5, 1917 to Sara and Herman.  Herman brought Sara and baby Earl home from the hospital on his motorcycle with a side car.  Earl was their only child.  For reasons unknown Herman abandoned Sarah when Earl was just three months old.  Earl never saw his father again after that.  When Pop was sent to France during WW I he made out a monthly allotment to Sara.  Pop felt bad that Herman had abandoned Sara.  Also, since Pop did not have a personal family yet he named Sara as the beneficiary of his military insurance.  Herman had left St. Louis with a woman named Betty White, who also abandoned a husband and son.  A baby daughter went with Betty White and Herman.  The jilted husband searched for Herman but never found him as Herman had relocated to Gallup, New Mexico and had taken the assumed name of "Herman White."  We don't know if Herman and Betty actually married.  Herman and Betty had a son named Barney who was born around 1920.  Betty left Herman soon after Barney's birth and took her daughter with her.  In 1936 Herman learned that Pop was still in the Army and was stationed at Fort Riley.  In June, 1936, Barney was to go to Fort Riley and find his uncle, Sergeant William Crismon.  Unfortunately Barney was killed in a motorcycle accident just before his planned departure date.  Herman did not meet his soldier brother until 1943. 

Sara remarried when Earl was five years old, the family moved to Oregon. 

On September 16, 1940 Earl enlisted in the US Army.  The photo on the left was taken after he completed his boot camp training.  Although 23 years of age at the time, he appears to be of a much younger age.  Earl maintained his youthful appearance throughout his life.  After WW II began, Earl was shipped to Australia.  Earl's army career included battles with the Japanese in New Guinea, East Indies, Biak Islands, Phillipine Islands, and Mindonow Islands.   Earl was awarded several citations and was discharged from the Army on August 18, 1945.  He modestly did not consider his military service to be memorable. 

After returning from the war Earl's intent was to go to California and visit his father as Earl said he did not hold a grudge against his father.  However, in October of 1945 Earl met Edna Gosney De Freece, the love of his life.  They were married on March 4, 1946 in Vancouver, Washington.  On July 2, 1947, Ronald Earl Crismon was born in Portland, Oregon.  The photo at the left was taken at Earl and Edna's 50th wedding anniversary.

Earl never did make the trip to visit his father; Herman passed away in 1959.  Bessie had maintained letter communications with Earl when he was overseas and after his marriage.  Sara and Earl visited William and Bessie at Fort Riley in the early 1930s.  In the late 1980s several members of the Crismon family visited Earl and Edna at their home in Pendleton, Oregon.  Earl and Edna attended the Crismon Family Reunion in Branson, Missouri.  They also visited members of the Crismon family in Arizona where they stayed in the winter season. 

Earl was a carbon copy of Herman in both appearance and interests.  And much like his father, Earl was a very active fellow.   Both loved to hunt and fish, rode motorcycles, flew airplanes, drove race cars, and were enthusiastic RV campers.  Earl and Edna finally met Bessie at a Crismon Family Reunion.  Unfortunately, Pop had passed away prior to that meeting; Earl and Edna never had the pleasure of meeting him.  Earl unexpectedly died on July 19, 1996.  Edna lives in Oregon.

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