Judy Kay Leatherwood

Original post 12/10/04 -- Last update 12/21/04

Judy was born in Newport News, Virginia.  Judy is Mary's youngest child and only daughter.  Today, they live together in San Antonio.  Judy has two brothers, John and Bobby, whom she sees frequently. 

Judy was married at one time and has no children.  She loves all children and emotionally adopts each as her own.  Judy's dog is named "Skipper".

Judy is responsible for many of the wonderful photos of her dad, Robert Daniel Leatherwood. Sr.  As they traveled extensively to family reunions and other places, it was Judy's responsibility to be the "official photographer." 

Judy is quite a talented arts and crafts person.  She was involved in the design and creation of jewelry until the computer came along.  Now, she is a computer wiz!  Among many items she makes bookmarks containing Bible scriptures.  Judy has a deep religious faith.  She volunteers her time to church related activities and generously donates her art and craft items to many others less fortunate.

Judy is involved in a number of activities that keeps he on the go most of the time.  Her principal interest in life is her faith and her family members.