Stephen Bert Chrisman

We are of the opinion that all of Jacob Christman's children were born with the Chrisman surname.  Around 1822, at the time they immigrated to Missouri, two Chrisman brothers, William Wayne and Gilbert, changed their last name to "Crismon".  There were probably other descendants of Jacob that also changed their name to Crismon but the matter has not been researched by this site.  Jacob's brother, Michael, who settled in North Carolina, retained his birth name of Christman.  However, over time some of that brother's descendants also took the Chrisman and Crismon name.  This fact indicates that the ever expanding Christman/Chrisman/Crismon family probably stayed in touch with each other then, as many do today.  Our distant cousin Stephen is a good example.

While this site features the family of William and Bessie Crismon, we have many distant cousins.  A complete genealogy of all related people would be huge.  For example, a Google search of the name "Christman" results in 300,000 hits, "Chrisman" 371,000 hits, and "Crismon" 24,000 hits.  We will continue to add people of interest to this site from time to time.  Stephen Bert Chrisman's ancestor, Jacob A. Chrisman, Jr., son of Jacob and Magdalena, was born in 1730.  Our ancestor, (Jacob Junior's brother), Isaac Frederick, was born in 1736.  The Stephen Burt Chrisman family tree is shown below. 


[1] Jacob  Christman

Jacob Andrew Chrisman

Married Magdalena Hyte (9/6/1713 - 1777)

Settler of Shenandoah Valley, Farmer

Builder of the famous Christman Springs Home

Born in Germany, buried in Virginia

9/12/1706 - 1778 - [72 years]


[2] Jacob A. Chrisman, Jr.

Married Mary McDonald (1731-1809)

Captain in the American Revolution Army, Indian Fighter

Born in Lost River, West Virginia, buried in Lost City, West Virginia

1730 - 4/28/1809 - [69 years]


[3] Jacob Andrew Chrisman, III

Married Nancy Kidner (1773-1814)

Frontiersman, Trapper, Farmer

Born in Hampshire, Virginia, buried in Lost River, West Virginia

5/16/1769 - 9/3/1845 - [76 years]


[4] Hugh Chrisman

Married Eleanor Cramer  (1796 - )


Born in Hardy County, West Virginia, buried in Ohio

7/24/1792 - 8/14/1868 - [76 years]


[5] Ambrose C. Chrisman

Married Betsy Page (7/4/1827 - 4/24/1917)


Born Hardy County, West Virginia, buried in Williams County, Ohio.

8/10/1822 - 4/15/1901 - [79 years]


[6] John Conklin Chrisman

Married Pauline Hatty Boldenerg (7/16/1858 - 2/4/1928)


Born in Hartford, Ohio, buried in Bryan, Ohio

12/10/1845 - 9/10/1936 - [91 years]


[7] Ambrose Bert Chrisman

Married Josephine Dorothea Packheiser (2/28/1885 - 1/26/1968)

Farmer, Carpenter, US Army

Born in Williamsburg, Nebraska, buried in Clinton, Missouri

2/7/1880 - 7/11/1963 - [83 years]


[8] Bert Ambrose Chrisman

Married Francis Louise Adkins (2/24/1921 - 12/1974)

Carpenter, Building Contractor, Civic Official

Born in Harrisonville, Missouri, buried in Clinton, Missouri

2/8/1920 - 2/2/2004 - [84 years]


[9] Stephen Bert Chrisman

Married Jennie Louise Green (4/21/41 - )

Medical Doctor - private practice and US Air Force

Born in Clinton, Missouri, living in Texas

10/20/1941 -


[10] Stephen and Jeni have three children


[11] Stephen and Jeni have five grandchildren