Enlistment Record 1925

This is the first chronological record of service.  The first enlistment of William Crismon was in Battery “B” Third Field Artillery on 11/21/1912.  On 1/11/1916 he was transferred to the Ready Reserve.  He again reported to Active Duty on 6/24/1917.  He was discharged as Sergeant on 11/3/1919.  He reenlisted in Battery “C” 17th Field Artillery on 11/4/1919.  He was discharged as Sergeant on 11/3/1920.  He reenlisted in Battery “C” 17th Field Artillery 11/12/1920.  On 11/25/1921 he “Purchased” his discharge as Private.  This was the best way he could be reenlisted into the Cavalry.  He was reenlisted on 2/6/22 as a Private and was sent to Fort Riley, Kansas.  Notice he was quickly promoted to the rank of Corporal on 4/6/1922 and Sergeant on 11/12/1922.  He was discharged and reenlisted as Sergeant on 2/5/1925.  Notice he was qualified as Expert with the Rifle and Pistol.  These accomplishments earned a monthly pay bonus for the qualifying soldiers.  Notice he was paid a $75.00 reenlistment bonus.  He was also paid $127.79 travel pay.  With each reenlistment a soldier received a 30-day paid furlough.