Master Sergeant William Crismon  R-131971

US Army, November 21, 1912 November 30, 1943
b. August 15, 1894 - d. October 1, 1980

In 1979 the Commanding Officer of Fort Riley, Kansas hosted the William and Bessie Family Reunion.  This reunion also celebrated the fiftieth wedding anniversary of William and Bessie.  The first photo below was presented to Bessie showing Sergeant William Crismon (No.9) attending the NCO Course at the Cavalry School in 1932.  The yearlong course included intensive study and work in hippology, horseshoeing, horsemanship, and cavalry weapons and tactics.  The photo says a lot about Pop Crismon - always cheerful and alert.

The photo below is of William and Bessie seated in front of the US Cavalry Museum with Pop examining a McLellan saddle.  (Momma probably thinking, "Oh no, not again!")  Click on items in the following table to view copies of Sergeant Crismon's enlistment  records. 


Click HERE to see a McLellan saddle

Each document below contains a brief story

Discharge Certificate - May 8, 1922 Honorable Discharge Mar 1, 1934
Transcript from Record of Service Enlistment Record Mar 2, 1934
Honorable Discharge - Feb 5, 1925 Honorable Discharge Mar 1, 1937
Enlistment Record Feb 5, 1925 Enlistment Record Mar 1, 1937
Honorable Discharge Feb 23, 1928 Honorable Discharge Mar 1, 1940
Enlistment Record Feb 23, 1928 Enlisted Record Mar 1, 1940
Honorable Discharge Mar 1, 1931 Honorable Discharge Nov 30, 1943
Enlistment Record Mar 2, 1931 Commendation Letter Oct 25, 1943