Honorable Discharge 1928

Notice the pen staff and India ink reverse calligraphy style penmanship.  As part of the US Army Cavalry School cadre, Sergeant William Crismon taught equestrian skills and mounted firearm proficiency.  Single and well liked, he became acquainted with a number of the business and political leaders of Junction City, the town just outside the Post reservation.  His close friend Joe Rosenfield owned a haberdashery store in Junction City.  Pop always wore “tailor made” uniforms, probably purchased from Joe.  It was at a Joe Rosenfield Saturday night poker party that William first met Bessie Zulema Stull.  Several months later fellow poker player the Chief of Police said, “Bill, you had better not let that pretty girl get away”.  William and Bessie were married on March 28, 1928.  Pop was thirty years of age; Bessie was seventeen.  They purchased a new 1928 Chevrolet car with this reenlistment bonus.  Taking his 30-day reenlistment furlough, they honeymooned to Arkansas and Missouri.  They visited Pop’s father Catt, sister Cora and many other relatives.  Pop jokingly said that first child JoAnn was probably conceived out in the woods on an Army OD blanket during the return trip to Fort Riley.