Enlistment Record 1931

Sergeant William Crismon continues to improve his Cavalry weaponry skills and tactics.  He is graduated from the Small Arms Training School August 17, 1929.  This positions him to better train others in the use of small arms.  Sergeant Crismon is being groomed to become a candidate for officer training school, an opportunity that will come up during his next enlistment.  Not bad for a man who was almost illiterate when he first enlisted.  Pop demonstrates a special skill with horses.  Two of his mounts, Tarzan and Charger are famous for special equestrian feats they perform with Pop astride.  One story tells about an officer recently transferred to the Post, ordering that Charger be saddled up for him.  The Stable Sergeant advises against this choice.  The new officer insists and shortly thereafter comes limping back on foot.  He rants it is against Cavalry regulations to train a mount to be a one-man horse.  The Post Commander rejects the new officer’s charges.  Horse shows on the Post began with a parade and band performance.  Horse shows demonstrated the skills of a trooper and his personally trained mount.  For the wives and families, horse shows were much anticipated and well attended social events.