Honorable Discharge 1934

In 1932 Sergeant William Crismon attends a one-year Non-Commissioned Officers School at Fort Riley.† The curriculum included intensive study and work in equine science and husbandry, horseshoeing, horsemanship, use of Cavalry weapons and field tactics.† After graduation, some of these enlisted soldiers may be nominated to attend Officer Candidate School. †Pop declined his OCS offer, electing to take the command of Troop ďAĒ First Sergeant.† Post Commander Colonel Selwyn D. Smith signed William Crismonís First Sergeant Warrant on November 1, 1933.  At the Warrant Ceremony, Colonel Smith told a story about Sergeant Crismon that took place during the Mexico Punitive Expedition.  In 1918 the Colonelís troop was on the move between El Paso and Brownsville, Texas.  Pop dismounts to toilet.  Many hours later the Colonel notices Popís side arm is missing.  Pop had left it hanging on a tree.  At the Colonelís order, Pop rides back and searched in the dark of night.  He was unsuccessful in finding the Colt Single Action .45 "Artillery Model" revolver and holster.  The Colonel jokingly told the Warrant Ceremony gathering, ďItís a good thing Pancho Villa wasnít assassinated with Sergeant Crismonís revolver.† We would surely have had another International incident with MexicoĒ.†