Enlistment Record 1934

Promotion to the rank of First Sergeant resulted in the family moving into new quarters.  Only soldiers who had achieved the rank of First or Master Sergeant occupied large two-story homes arranged in a horseshoe circle fashion.  (The rank of Master Sergeant was found at the Regimental level only.)  Where the family lived within the circle was usually determined by the Sergeant’s years of service.  Sgt. and Mrs. William Crismon are now included in Fort Riley NCO social activities.  Bessie and the other Sergeant’s wives enjoyed weekly pinochle parties that rotated from home to home.  Pop continued to improve his weaponry skills, once again confirming Expert status in Dismounted Pistol, Mounted Pistol, and Saber courses.  The entire Crismon family was involved in preparing Pop for the Saturday morning inspection before each monthly payday.  Bessie would clean and press his uniform.  Eldest daughter Annie polished the brass buttons on his uniform jacket and the brass buckle on his Sam Browne belt.  It was Billy’s job to polish the tall riding boots that had twenty pairs of lace eyelets each.  Bobby polished the cap and spurs.  It was Mary’s job to keep baby Freddie out of everyone’s way.