Honorable Discharge 1937

First Sergeant William Crismon once again qualifies as Expert Rifleman (the saber is no longer considered a side weapon).  The family of six take a furlough vacation in a new 1936 Ford to Maynard, Arkansas and visit Grandfather Catt Crismon.  A sergeant living on the circle retires, vacating the number two home in location stature.  William and Bessie move their family across the circle into the upper status home.  These are idyllic times in the US Cavalry, almost isolated from the depression related problems of the country at that time.  It has been many years since World War I.  No threat to the USA is apparent.  While the Post gets a new Commanding Officer every two years or so, the enlisted ranks are stable.  However, new weapons and mechanized machinery are becoming available.  Why, Fort Riley even has an Army Air Corps field.  Prominent buildings on the Post have direction instructions painted on the roofs for the airmen.  Unprecedented, an almost blind horse is allowed to roam about the Post as it wishes.  “Keno” is wonderful with children.  A favorite Bessie’s Kodak Box Brownie photo of JoAnn, Bill, Bob, and Mary astride Keno (as usual, eating grass) is priceless.  When Keno wishes to get rid himself of the Army Brats, he slowly walks under a low hanging tree branch and the giggling children gently fall off the rear of the horse.