Enlistment Record 1937

In 1936 the United States has been at peace for more than eighteen years.  No threat of war was evident anywhere.  The State of Texas will celebrate its 100th Centennial.  The city of Fort Worth invited the 2nd Cavalry to participate in its celebration.  The War Department approved the request as commands will be able to exercise and test mass troop movement procedures.  Besides, it gave the troops something different and exciting to do, good for morale.  Hundreds of men, horses, equipment and supplies were loaded onto rail cars and transported down to Fort Worth.  There, the Cavalry participated in a Wild West Show each evening.  The Indians would chase the Cowboys; the Cavalry Troopers would chase the Indians.  The Troopers had a great time!  Bessie drove the new 1936 Ford four-door sedan and her four children to Fort Worth.  They stayed there about a month.  During this post-war period the Fort Riley citizens settled down to a peaceful daily training mission and enjoyable after hours social routine.  Sergeant William and Bessie Crismon were socially popular and well liked.  Life was good at Fort Riley, Kansas.  Little did they know this almost euphoric bubble was about to burst?