Fred and Polly's Home

Fred and Polly's house began as the inspiration of an elderly man who lived in a small town in Mexico for a period of time about 50 years ago.  The man's quarters in Mexico was a small cinder block house about the size of a two car garage.  The original building was used as a barn but had been converted into living quarters.  Years later having returned to his home in Apache Junction the man decided to duplicate the Mexican casa that generated so many fond memories for him.  The old man lived in the house now owned by Sam and Karin. 

When Fred and Polly saw the small house offered for sale by the elderly man, they in unison said, "This is it!"  Located in the foothills of the famous Superstition Mountain, the view is superb!  Native cacti and other Sonoran Desert flora abound.  They named their property, "Fort Riley West".  Brother Bob and Betty's property is at Fred's west boundary.  Nephew Sam and Karin live at the south boundary.  Horse paths and foot trails connect the three properties.  All three families use electric golf carts to scoot around from house to house. 

First came a complete remodeling of the house interior.  New kitchen cabinets and appliances were all that Polly needed to host more than one Family Reunion of 20-30 people in the small house.  The remainder of the house was remodeled over a period of time, including Mexican floor tile.

Fred began formulating plans in his head and ultimately drew his building plans using a CAD computer program.  They would build a much larger house AROUND the small house.  The first photo is of the small house with the slab for the larger house recently poured.

The next photo shows the steel structure of the new addition.  Notice how a new roof and the exterior walls completely engulf the small original house.  Eventually, one will not know that the original house ever existed.  Brothers Bill, David, and Bob helped Fred install the steel structure the summer of 2004.  This photo illustrates the complexity of the structure.  Polly assists Fred every day and in every way.  They will contract others to install the exterior stucco and interior drywall.  When completed the original house will be transparent.

In the photo below the insulation foam and stucco wire is in place.  The exterior stucco will be applied next.  Meanwhile the interior insulation and sheet rock is being installed.  That's our bro, Fred, in the foreground.

Here is the completed home.  A lasting legacy of Fred and Polly.