the William and Bessie Crismon family

William (Pop) and Bessie had a passel of kids.  The family has remained close over many years.  The first William and Bessie Crismon Family Reunion was held in 1969, about 40 family gatherings have taken place since.  Click on any subject below to learn more about this devoted and extended family.

 This sign was painted by Karin and welcomes the entrance to Fred's home.

Christman/Chrisman/Crismon family tree

The missing Christman/Chrisman/Crismon bible

Pop Crismon after Boot Camp

Pop Crismon, a "Horse Soldier"

Pop's military medals, our Hero!

Pop's Troop "A" at Fort Riley Kansas 1933

Pop's Discharge/Reenlistment Records

Bessie, a strong woman in many ways

Chrisman Springs Home built in 1740

Bob's Strawbale Home

Fred's Shot Gun Shack

Short Stories about Family Members

Crismon Cemetery

Chrisman/Crismon Family Traits

Bob's Indian Chief Motorcycle

Betty Ann Crismon

Bob's Lincoln Continental

Brothers Bill & Herman Crismon

Herman's wife on motorbike

Toni Crismon's Saddle

Star Computer - Fast Draw